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Know about the details of our garage door cable repair and replacement service

We fix garage door cables or replace them with new ones to ensure perfect garage door motion. When you contact us, be assured that your garage door cable problems won’t last long.

Types of garage door cables for which we provide repair and replacement

Mostly, the garage door cable varies in terms of material, the number of strands, and the number of wires in each strand. The selection of the garage door cables is done based on the load it needs to bear and the size of the garage door. We deal with two types of garage door cables regularly, which are:

7 X 7 Garage Door Cables

This garage door cable is mostly used when the load is lesser. This is a budget-friendly option as it comes with a low price. However, each strand only has seven wires in it. That makes it comparatively less strong than the other garage door cable with which deals regularly. When our technicians visit your place, they will recommend you the right choice for your garage door.

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7 X 19, 1/8” Garage Door Cables

We recommend this garage door when the garage door size is large. The garage door cable has nineteen wires in each strand. Therefore, the cables have huge strength. Generally, these are not used for residential purposes but only for commercial and industrial buildings. We only advise using these garage door cables when it’s utmost necessary as they are expensive ones. If you know more about our garage door cables, contact us now- 704-949-2416.

Garage door cable repair service

There are hardly any instances where we repair garage door cables. When you contact us, we send our team members for inspection. Even if there is slight damage to garage door cables, it is not possible to fix the garage door cable. Even if we try to repair it, the repairs won’t last long, and it would only be a temporary solution.

However, consider the instances when cable movement has hindrance due to external or internal objects. That time, we can work to remove the obstruction and realign the cables with the assembly. After the job is done, we also do the review of the work and check the garage door movement. It ensures that you don’t face any problems after we leave.

Garage door cable replacement service

Garage door cable replacement is the ultimate solution that will take all your garage door cable-related problems away. The garage door cables are the top priority when you use your garage door regularly. If they stop functioning, there is a risk during the time when you use the garage doors.

While doing the garage doors cables replacement, it is very important to select the right garage door cables. After the garage door cables are finalized, the only work left is to replace the current garage door cables with the new ones.

We remove the old ones by dismantling the assembly, placing the new cables at their place, and reassembling the garage door parts. After doing that, we move the garage door to check the functioning. When the garage door is placed perfectly, it will be equally lifted from both ends.

If you think that our garage door cable replacement service is suitable for you, contact us without delay to get your garage door fixed within no time.

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Why take our garage door cable repair and replacement service?

There is not one but several reasons why people choose us for garage door cable repair and replacement services. The benefits are beyond the expectations of customers, and we maximize the advantage by delivering all of them at the same time. You can reach us, it becomes our duty to ensure your experience remains top-notch. Contact us on 704-949-2416 and know more.

Serve all areas of Huntersville, NC

We provide the services to all areas of Huntersville, NC. Therefore, even when you live in the outskirts or the countryside, you have us to rely on. We do not charge an additional price for traveling to your place. Besides that, our service remains open all the time for your help.

Quality assurance with the right pricing

Quality assurance is important so that a solution works for a long time. With our quality assurance, you have our support to be there at the time of need. We always strive to keep the prices low even when delivering quality assurance.

garage door cable repair Huntersville NC

Emergency service available

We provide immediate service to our customers when there are cable issues that require urgent attention. The emergency cable repair and replacement service help customers to provide an immediate solution to their requirements.

Licensed technicians

We always ensure hiring the technicians who have earned the license in conducting the home services. We also do a background check to assure that the technician will serve the customers at its best.

COVID-19 compliance

Not only the company but even the technicians take responsibility for COVID-19 precautions. We have strictly ordered technicians to wear masks while they perform the job, and they follow our guidelines for sure. They also visit health centers to get regularly tested, confirming that the virus does not infect them.

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We started our company in the year 2010. Until now, we have served several customers who are proof of our brilliance. We are reputed in Huntersville, NC, and trusted by many. When you take our service, you will never have reliability issues.

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