Posted on May 4, 2021 By Huntersville Garage Doors 
broken garage door

The mortgage closing table is where homeowners sign up for all the home repairs they'll need to handle. However, not being prepared doesn't make it any less inconvenient or expensive when these problems arise! Below we will discuss five of the most common causes of garage door damage so you can take steps to protect your investment and avoid inconvenience caused by a broken door.

Garage door damage can happen anywhere, but it's best to call a professional garage company if you're unsure of the cause. Huntersville Garage Doors is here for all your repairs and inspections in Huntersville NC or any surrounding areas — give us a ring for reliable service that will get your car back up off the ground quickly and affordably!

Main Reasons For Garage Doors Damage


It might seem like North Carolina weather is never extreme enough to damage your garage, but the bottom of your door will wear out over time. This can allow both glasses full of water and potentially pesty pests into your home!

Some good news? It's one easy fix for a problem that would otherwise only get worse with age - better now than later!

Blown Fuse

If your electric-powered garage door suddenly stops working altogether don't go fixing anything yourself! It could just be an issue with your blown fuse that you're not qualified to fix without causing more harm than good in the process. You'll also end up paying way more money if you do so because professional services charge higher rates due to their expertise at solving these problems

Worn-Out Parts

This is the worst when your door doesn’t close properly. It could be worn-out hardware, a broken tension spring, a frayed lifting cable, or any of the other many components that need to work together for it to open and close without issue. There are plenty of problems that can arise from this – an unbalanced load on one side which causes excessive wear and tear; corrosion if not cleaned often enough; reduced safety due to mismatched hinges - so you really have no excuse but to get things fixed up as soon as possible!

Dead Or Week Batteries

Many people are unaware that their garage door is powered by electric batteries. If you live in a chilly climate, chances are your home has already experienced power outages this year alone - don’t let the battery inside of your garage be one more thing to worry about! Check before winter sets in and ensure it's fully charged; if not, get an expert opinion on whether or not replacing them would save money over waiting for costly repairs next spring.

Ignoring Door Problems

When it comes to mechanical problems, you can't ignore them and hope they'll go away. If the door is making a strange sound or isn’t functioning 100%, then there's likely to be a full-blown breakdown down the road. For garage door repairs when a problem minor then call for emergency repair if major.


Our team of technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and offer a solution that is sure to last. We’ve been serving clients like you for years, so we know how to fix your garage door in no time at all. If you need help with any kind of garage door repair service or would simply like more information about what our company can do for you, give us a call now! One phone call could save you hours from having to research various solutions on Google--we've got everything covered here.