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Garage doors are one of the most important parts of the home or any other building. The garage door decides the overall appearance of the building. Therefore, it is necessary that you select the garage door that aligns with the building’s appearance.

Besides garage door installation, it is necessary that your service provider understands the importance of discussion. At Huntersville Garage Doors, we ensure a fruitful discussion about your requirements before moving forward to installation and manufacturing.

We also make sure that it is not only the service that’s exceptional but also the experience. By reaching us, you will have the power to get customization for your doors. We offer unique designs and the best quality to all our customers.

If you see us as the garage door service providers you need, call us on 704-949-2416. Our customer support department will be on the other side, ready to listen to your requirements and execute the service.

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What is the general procedure our Huntersville Garage Doors company follows for garage door installation?

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What is the general procedure our Huntersville Garage Doors company follows for garage door installation?

As garage door installation has multiple steps, the service can become complex. That’s why we have defined each step to guarantee that we don’t lose track of the service. With our proprietary service procedure, you get the best garage door installation like no other can provide you in town. To know about the service in detail, make a call on 704-949-2416.


Initial service call

To get our service, you need to initiate the communication. Once initiated, it will be our duty to make sure that you get the best garage door installation cost and service. We also offer affordable garage door replacement costs. You can let us know your requirements and convey them to technicians to check the technical aspects.


Discussion regarding design and material

Our technicians will get back to you to know the design and material requirements. It is very important that your design requirements get satisfied. For material, we will provide the best suggestions by taking several factors into consideration.


Inspection and quotation

After getting the general idea of design and material, the technicians will visit your place for inspection. It is also necessary for them to get the exact dimensions of the garage door for précised manufacturing. They will deliver the quotation for the entire process of designing, manufacturing, and garage door installation.


Designing the garage door

As per the design element you suggest, garage door manufacturing will take place. It is essential for us to include each element in the 3D outline. When you approve of the design, we start the manufacturing. If you have suggestions, we can edit the design accordingly.


Garage door installation

When the manufacturing is complete, we bring the garage door to your place and fix it in the provided space. It must exactly match the garage door specifications taken by technicians.


Installing the garage door accessories

When garage door installation is complete, the work is still continuous. A garage door needs a garage door opener for opening and closing it. Though homeowners prefer installing garage door openers, we suggest reaching us as we offer professional service at affordable prices. When garage door openers are not installed properly, there could be trouble. Therefore, we render additional care while installing it.


Rechecking and feedback

After everything is done, it’s time to check the garage door movement. If the garage door movement is not perfect, that means garage door installation requires rework. We would do the needful and ensure you get the perfect installation without any faults.

Garage door types based on material Huntersville Garage Doors use

Do you think one material is better than another for garage doors? It’s not true. Some people choose wood garage doors, others prefer steel, and many prioritize aluminum. However, you can’t select a material claiming one material is better than another. Every material has some pros, and you should do the selection under the guidance of professionals. You can call us any time on 704-949-2416 to discuss further garage door materials.

aluminum garage door

Aluminum Garage Door Installation

We suggest aluminum garage doors when you wish to have protected your garage doors from corrosion. Also, their weight is comparatively lesser than other garage door types. Because of this, the energy consumption in lifting and lowering the door is lesser.

garage door with windows

New Garage Door Installation with Glass Panel

The main reasons to place glass panels on garage doors are improving the appearance and allowing sunlight to enter the garage. However, glass panels can rise to security issues. We would suggest only using them when you have a security system.

composite garage door

Composite Garage Door Installation

These are the best garage doors where you choose multiple materials. We form an alloy of these materials for manufacturing garage doors. With this type, you get the benefit of different garage doors into one.

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel garage doors are widely available. Even the range lies from inexpensive ones to heavy-duty garage doors. You can choose the one from pre-designed ones and get it installed right away.

If you need assistance in choosing the garage door material, call us right away, and our executive will provide a free consultation- 704-826-7433.

Why choose us as your Huntersville Garage Doors Partners?

We offer several benefits in one place that is not possible in other garage door service providers. If you take our service, you get:

  • Best quality garage doors that work for years
  • Affordable prices lower than other providers
  • Service from the company that holds the reputation
  • No worries for garage door transportation
  • We offer additional services along with garage door installation
  • The entire job will be done by licensed technicians
  • We follow COVID-19 guidelines without an exception
  • We provide high-level garage door customization

When you choose us, there are several benefits. Hence, there is no reason to wait for giving us a call- 704-949-2416.

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