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Do you know what happens when garage door opener installation is not done properly? It might lead to the breaking of garage door opener assembly and garage door. You can’t take the risk of improper garage door opener installation. It can even cause harm to items placed in the garage doors and even the people inside it or nearby.

That’s why you must contact professional technicians who have years of experience. When we provide garage door opener installation or repair service to any Huntersville residents, we make sure to send senior team members. The entire job we perform remains under the guidance of these senior technicians.

It helps us to ensure your safety by doing a perfect installation that works for the long term without any fault. If you believe in our service, you only need to start the communication. Reach our customer support department by calling on 704-949-2416. We will note your details and strive to provide an immediate garage door opener installation service.

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How to select a garage door opener?

Garage door opener selection is done based on multiple factors with which our technicians are acquainted. This is an important step that must not go wrong otherwise it will make the entire garage door assembly useless. We would suggest taking the advice of our professionals for providing you with advice regarding the garage door selection. If you find it right, you can buy the garage door opener accordingly. If not, you are free to choose the garage door opener. For suggestions on garage door opener selection, make a call- 704-949-2416. Please check the below-added points to know how we decide the best garage door opener for you.


It is essential to know the weight of the garage door. For a garage door with more weight, you will need a more powerful garage door opener.


It also matters that which features you require. There are garage door openers that work manually and fully automated. However, as you move from manual to automation, the price increases.


We also consider your budget into consideration while selecting the garage door opener. We make sure that the garage door opener price is affordable.


It is also necessary to keep the knowledge of garage door type and material when choosing an opener.


5) Another important factor is usability. If you use your garage several times a day or there are continuous operations, select the opener that can withstand the movement.

We provide on-premises consultation for selecting garage doors. When you take our services, our technicians will visit your place to provide the suggestion. They inspect the garage and garage door to make the conclusion.

Our garage door installation service

After the purchase of the garage door opener, it’s time for its installation. As we mentioned above, it is not a DIY task as improper garage door installation could be risky.

Our professionals are familiar with each element of garage door openers of multiple types. Therefore, they can easily assemble them into the complete structure within no time.

When the assembling is done, their job is to make sure that the garage door movement is perfect. For that purpose, we ascend and descend the garage doors for few times. You can also check it yourself while our garage door contractors stay beside you.

If you or the contractors find any issue, please be assured that it will get solved for sure. The technicians will do whatever rework they find necessary and deliver the perfect garage door opener installation. For getting our service immediately, you only need to make a call- 704-949-2416.

garage door opener installation Huntersville NC

Garage door opener types and our installation service for them

There are three garage door openers available in general, which are:

  • Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Each has a different assembly type and different working mechanisms. We will find out which garage door opener is suitable for your garage during our inspection. For these types of garage door openers, the level of automation differs.

We can install a manual garage door opener or a completely automated one. Both types have pros and cons. When you go for a manual garage door opener, there is no need for electricity. Moreover, the price would be low. However, you will need to open and close the garage manually. This is not convenient at all. It can be a choice only when you are on a strict budget.

When you prioritize convenience, automation is a must. When the automation is implemented, the garage door will work according to sensors and artificial intelligence. All you need to do is sit in your car, and the garage door will open on your command. To know more about it, you call to give a call- 704-949-2416.

Garage door opener- frequently asked questions

How much does the garage door opener installation cost?

The garage door opener installation cost completely depends upon the cost of the garage door opener you select. Some garage door opener demands lesser toil than other garage door openers for installation.

Why choose our Huntersville Garage Doors company?

There are several reasons why the people of Huntersville choose us over other garage door companies.

  • We have the best technicians in North Carolina, who have decades of experience
  • Our knowledge helps customers to choose the best garage door openers
  • We strive to provide same-day service to customers
  • We never miss providing the service as per the appointment time
  • You get the minimal garage door opener installation cost in the whole town
  • We serve all areas of Huntersville wherever you are located
  • Our technicians are polite and know-how approach customers professionally

How to reach us for taking our service?

We always believe in making communication easy for our customers. That’s why it will only take a call to get our service- 704-949-2416. There is no need to fill any forms or visit our office.

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