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The main aim of a garage door company must be to work as per the needs of customers. When your garage door rollers get damaged, our executives know how important it is to get them replaced immediately. Without changing garage door rollers, it is not possible to use the garage door. That’s because the movement of the garage door relies on rollers. If you use the garage door when your rollers are not functioning, it could be hazardous and lead to severe damage. Even your garage door can break without warning.

In such a situation, the right thing to do is contact a service provider who can promise fast delivery to replace garage rollers without compromising the quality. We are such a Huntersville Garage Doors company that can provide you with immense benefits. We favor customers and ensure that our garage door rollers replacement is executed perfectly, giving a long-term solution. Also, we would like to let you know that we work with all types of garage door rollers irrespective of type, size, and material.

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We also make the service effortless for customers. They don’t need to make any effort while taking our service. They only need to make a call on 704-949-2416, and we do the rest. After our conversation, it becomes our prime duty to provide you with top-quality service.

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When to do garage door rollers replacement?

There are few well-defined signs for finding out the perfect time for changing garage door rollers:

  • When your garage door rollers become noisy, that means there is significantly large friction between rollers and garage doors. When that happens, it’s a sign that you need to change the rollers before they deteriorate any further.
  • When your garage door rollers become rough, garage doors will take more time to open and close. You will easily be able to find out the difference when it starts taking more time.
  • One full-proof way to know the perfect-time is to check the increment in energy consumption. When friction is more, it becomes tougher to pull the garage door. Hence, it requires more amount of energy.

If you are facing any of these issues, contact our garage door rollers experts right away. Call us now and schedule an appointment immediately- 704-826-7433.

garage door rollers replacement Huntersville NC

Know about the rollers for which we regularly provide garage door replacement services

As we mentioned above, we deal with all types of garage door rollers. However, some types are prominent in the market based on material. We are acquainted with them and regularly replace the current garage door rollers with them. You can know more about them by reading below as we provide you all the information about the detailed service. However, if you have any queries or require more details, call us directly- 704-949-2416.

solid plastic garage door roller

Solid plastic garage door rollers

Every garage door owner has his specific requirements. According to that, we need to provide exclusive solutions to them. We offer solid plastic garage door rollers if you are looking for a budget solution for a short-term advantage. These rollers require annual replacement as they are made of low-quality material. However, as the pricing is low, the garage door rollers replacement is always budget-friendly. Our replacement charges remain the same. Another benefit you get with solid plastic garage door rollers is the least noise. They won’t cause disturbance while you open or close the garage doors.

Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Steel Garage Door Rollers

These are the perfect ones when looking for convenience and got some flexibility in the budget. However, you can’t get everything in one product. These rollers, as made of steel, produce noise, not high level but significant. Therefore, if you choose this one, be prepared for a  bit of disturbance whenever the garage door opens or closes. We recommend these to customers when their garage door only opens a few times every day. In that case, it is fine as they won’t need to deal with distance for a significant amount of time.

Premium Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Premium nylon and steel garage door rollers

Premium nylon and steel garage door rollers are the perfect ones for every garage door owner. Once you install these, they work for a decade. You don’t even need to look back at your garage door rollers the whole time. Even if any issue occurs, you can reach us for repairs. However, we assure you that issues in these types of rollers are rare.

Other garage door rollers replacement selection factors

The segmentation mentioned above is done based on garage door rollers material. Besides that, there are several factors that play an important role in the selection.

  • The diameter of garage door rollers matters a lot. We usually go for garage door rollers with larger diameters when the size of the garage door is significantly large. This helps to open the garage door fast with quite a few rolls of garage door rollers.
  • Another factor that we essentially consider while changing garage door rollers is the thickness. Usually, garage door rollers break when previous technicians choose the garage door rollers of the wrong thickness. When the thickness is more, it helps in the weight distribution. Therefore, when the weight of garage door rollers is more, the thickness of rollers will be more too.
  • Another way to make garage door assembly more reliable is to increase the number of rollers. We do when the size of the garage door is very large and also the weight is heavy.

The ultimate process of garage door rollers replacement service

It will be best if you call us on 704-949-2416 to know every detail about our service. However, if you wish to know the brief about the service, you can read about our process.

After you initiate the communication and explain to me the requirements, our job is to assign the task to a suitable team member. We select the technician for the job by checking the experience. Most of the time, two or more people are assigned. The number of technicians depends on the significance of the issue and the effort required to solve it.

These technicians arrive at your place and get started with the execution of service within no time. They work to make sure that no issue occurs after they are done with the job. We also check the other assembly parts if necessary.

When the inspection is complete, we dismantle the garage door assembly and remove the existing garage door services. You and our team will discuss the new garage door rollers. We will provide you the information, and it’s up to you to make the decision regarding rollers selection. After selecting the garage door rollers, we do its implementation and get done with the job.

Our work only ends when we make sure that the job is done with perfections. For that, we conduct a review and rechecking too.

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