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Garage door track replacement is one of the essential services offered by Huntersville Garage Doors company. If your garage door track is damaged, it is not possible to use the garage door. Even if you try to use it, the garage door can lead to break down. As you would not want that, the best action to take is to call professionals to help you out.

We are one of the best garage door services company in Huntersville who offer garage door track replacement service. That’s because we offer immediate service for your garage door track. Also, our garage door track replacement quality is top-notch when you compare it to other service providers. Our customer base that has grown in this long run recommends our service to other residents of Huntersville. That’s because they believe in what we do for them.

If you wish to give us an opportunity to provide you with the garage door service, we are always here to service you. Call us, and our track replacement technicians will be at your place- 704-910-8392.

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When we choose garage door track repair?

Most of the time, people choose replacement over garage door track repair. Garage door companies try to convince residents to go for replacement. That allows the companies to make a larger profit. However, replacement is not always necessary, and repair can help owners continue using the garage door track without issues.

We do not aim for a high-profit margin as we only wish the best for the customers. If garage door repairs can help the customer and save costs, we would do that. In a case where we need to fix the garage door off-track or undo the misalignment, we can go for garage door track repair.

However, when we choose to repair a garage door track, it should provide the customer with a long-term solution. Otherwise, the repair work is not useful. It will increase the cost as you would need to contact us multiple times to repair. In that situation, replacement is the right choice.

When we do the inspection, we learn how much damage has been caused. The degree of damage defines whether we choose to repair or replacement. Besides that, if the garage door track has completed its service period, we go for replacement even when a repair is possible. That’s because sooner the issues will arise again. To avoid that one-time solution must be selected.

Our technicians check the entire assembly for repair work and dismantle it to get the garage door tracks. They check it, eliminate the issues, and put it back on the garage door track.

After reassembling all parts, it’s time to check the repair work. We do that by checking the working of the garage door by lifting and lowering it down. If it works fine, our job’s done. If not, we check for issues gain and make sure the problem ends.

garage door track replacement Huntersville NC

Garage door track replacement

As we discussed, the first task is always to do the inspection. After the inspection is over and we find that the replacement is necessary, it’s time for selection. For selecting the garage door track, it is necessary to have experience. As we own a team of members who have more than a decade-long experience, we are familiar with all track types.

We discuss it with you and provide the best suggestions considering the weight and size of the garage door, your budget, and other accessories. The final decision remains yours. After we finalize the garage door track, it’s time to do the installation.

In garage door track repair, we fix the same garage door track. The only difference, in this case, is that the garage door track is different. The installation process remains the same.

Similar to repair service, we review the work and take feedback in case of replacement also. Our technicians will only leave the place when the garage door functions as you expect it to work.

If you believe that our garage door track repair and replacement services are the answer to your needs, go ahead and call us right away- 704-910-8392.

Garage door track replacement- frequently asked questions

What is the cost of garage door track repair and replacement?

Repairs are obviously less costly than garage door track replacement. That’s because you don’t need to purchase another track in this case. You only need to pay for garage door track repair service and not for the material. The cost of replacement depends upon the type of garage door track you select.

Do we provide emergency garage door track replacement service?

Yes, we do provide emergency service for garage door track replacement. That’s because we understand the urgency. House owners can use garage doors when tracks are unable to function well. When you take our emergency garage door service, we visit your place immediately and solve the issues right away.

What is the process that we follow to provide you with the service?

We follow a simple proprietary process for every customer in Huntersville, NC. The process makes it possible to track each stage of the service.

  • Our process starts when you call us on 704-910-8392 for a discussion
  • Then we appoint a technician having experience with similar problems
  • After that, he visits the place at the appointment time for inspection
  • He inspects to conclude whether to choose repair or replacement
  • If a chosen replacement, we do the garage door track selection
  • We dismantle the assembly to remove or repair the current garage door
  • If repair is done, we place the garage door, and if not, we install the new one
  • Finally, we reassemble the entire garage door assembly
  • It is necessary to review the work to ensure perfect movement
  • We do the rework if necessary

As you can see, our working standards and processes are far better than most garage door companies in Huntersville, NC. Therefore, there is no reason to wait to decide. Call us now and get the service- 704-910-8392.

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