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Garage doors are really important for your home. They help you open and close the door whenever you want to. You rely on them all the time because they do their job well. It's not surprising that they need some TLC from time to time so they can continue to do their job well all of the time.

To keep your garage door working properly, you need to have it serviced every year. Also, you should check it for problems every month. You can learn more about the things that a service technician will inspect on a yearly basis and how to fix problems yourself each month by reading this article.

Why The Garage Door Need Service?

Servicing your garage door helps to keep it working as long as possible. When you get annual service for your garage door, it is like going to a doctor. The doctor checks you for signs of problems and fixes any they find. This is also true with a garage door.

If you have a small problem with your garage door, you can fix it before it turns into a big one. For example, when you come for your service appointment, the technician might see that there is something wrong and replace it. This way, if the garage door spring breaks later on because of not being fixed then it won't require more than just an emergency service call. It will also save you money in the long run since emergencies usually cost more money than normal services.

How Experts Service a Garage Door?

Garage doors are the biggest moving thing in a house. It is dangerous to do some jobs yourself because you might make something worse. So it's best to let professionals take a look at your garage door. They will start with an inspection. They will check things like the oil on the tracks and the overall health of your garage door system. Then they will do individual checks, such as:

  • Springs: Make sure they are the right amount of tension.
  • Cable: Check for wear and replace anything that looks damaged. 
  • Roller: Checking the roller and make sure it is not broken or bent.
  • Door sections & panels: Search for signs of repair, which could affect the garage door opener too. 
  • Garage door opener: Use it to open and close several times to make sure the door is balanced.

How to Maintain Garage Doors by Yourself?

In order to keep your garage door working properly, you should get it inspected by a professional at least once a year.

You can also help care for it yourself by following these simple steps:

Check alignment: If it is hard to open the door by hand, then there might be an issue with how the door is aligned.

Check Garage Door "Eye": The "eye" on your garage door helps the opener know when to open or close the door. Press the button to close the door and put a broom in front of one of the eyes. If it stops, then this is just a safety issue. But if it does not, you should get help right away as this is a safety issue.

Clean: You need to clean up the in your garage. Keep it free of the things on the floor and door tracks.

Hire Garage Door Professional

Do you need help with your garage door? Huntersville Garage Doors offers annual maintenance plans for residents of Huntersville and surrounding North Carolina communities. Call today to learn more about our services.

If you’re looking for information about when to service your garage door and how we can help. Our team of experts is ready to provide expert advice on the best ways to maintain a garage door in order to keep it from malfunctioning. We know that maintaining your home is time-consuming work so if you need assistance repairing or replacing an old, damaged garage door, let us know! Contact our office today with any questions or concerns.