Posted on May 9, 2021 By Huntersville Garage Doors 
garage door safety sensor

Garage door safety sensors are important for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is that they help reduce the risk of injury from a garage door opener malfunctioning and running someone over. Another reason is that they can prevent your child or pet from getting hurt by an open garage door. They also protect you against potential burglars who might be interested in looking through your property to find valuables. Garage door safety sensors will keep you safe, so it's worth spending some time with this article on how to install them!

What are garage door safety sensors, and why do they matter?

Garage door safety sensors are a form of sensor that is built into garage doors. There are two types: the photoelectric sensor and the infrared sensor. They work together to detect when a car or person has entered near enough for the door to close on them and will stop it from closing if they get too close. The infrared sensors have an invisible beam across which cars must cross to open the garage door; this helps prevent burglars from entering without setting off any alarms because their presence won't result in a detected object crossing over the beam's path.

Why do these sensors matter? Garage door safety sensors provide protection against injury by stopping your garage door from closing if someone enters its range while it's still open. They can also help protect your property from being stolen by burglars who enter through the garage door without setting off any alarms because an infrared sensor beam will stop them before they get past it and into the house itself.

Why should you have a sensor on your garage door?

Garage doors are one of the most common types of accidents for children. A child can become trapped in a garage, or an opening door can even hit them if it has no sensors to detect their presence and stop its movement. To prevent these potential tragedies from happening, you should have sensors installed on your garage door to help avoid this type of accident.

How to install a sensor on your garage door?

You can install a sensor on your garage door by following these steps:

  1. Choose the type of sensor you would like to have installed.
  2. If needed, drill holes in the track where you want to mount sensors. If possible, place them about two feet off the ground and three inches apart from each other for best results.
  3. Tape one end of an electrical wire to one terminal post and attach another wire at the opposite terminal post with tape or ties. Ensure that both wires reach their respective terminals posts when installed correctly so that they are not stretched too tight or loose during installation. Be careful not to cut through any insulation while cutting and stripping wires; there must be no exposed metal parts before installation.
  4. Attach the sensor to one of the screws on the terminal with a wire from that screw and tighten securely, securing each end before moving onto the next section. This will make sure wires are not loose when installed correctly or touching any metal which could corrode them.
  5. Turn off power at breaker box by flipping switch corresponding to garage door opener, test sensors, and get help if needed!

Safety tips for using your garage door with the sensor installed.

  • Knowing where your sensor is on the garage door will help you avoid accidents.
  • When using a remote control to open or close, always look for any obstructions before proceeding with opening and closing the door. If not sure of what's in front, stop! Otherwise, it may hit an object and potentially injure someone nearby.

Common mistakes people make when installing their own safety sensors.

  • Many people don't take the time to remove their door from its tracks before installing sensors. This is a mistake often made by doing it yourself who want to save some money, and they can be easily caught in the 'pocket' of a garage door while it's closing.
  • Some homeowners purchase safety sensors for installation on one side of the garage but fail to install them at all on the other side - leaving themselves vulnerable when entering or exiting through that entranceway!
  • Garage doors are not only dangerous during opening/closing cycles; many people forget about how much danger there is as you pass through an open doorway. The force of two heavy panels slamming together with no protection between them could cause serious injury.

The importance of having an electrician install the safety sensors if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.

It is often a common misconception that anyone can install garage door safety sensors. However, to ensure your family and property are safe from harm, you must hire an electrician who has the expertise in installing these life-saving devices.

A professional will ensure they're correctly installed at eye level, so any movement or breakage of light will set off the sensor, and alert homeowners before their car or loved ones come into contact with danger. It's also good practice to have additional sensors added for extra protection if one should go out during installation. If you've been considering adding this device but think it requires a special skill set, know that hiring someone qualified can alleviate much of this concern and make sure everything is done properly!


We want to make sure our readers are aware of the importance of garage door safety sensors. These devices can protect your home and loved ones from injury or worse, but only if you know how to install them properly and use them correctly. If you’re not confident in your abilities to keep yourself safe with these products, give Huntersville Garage Doors a call for help today! Our team is qualified as both residential service professionals and commercial technicians. We can answer any questions you have about installation or maintenance needs for your garage doors at any time. Whether it's 8 am on a Monday when we're closed, or 11 pm on Saturday after an emergency has struck. Call us now so that we can get started protecting you today.