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You must be looking for a garage door services provider who can provide you with the best quality services. As a homeowner, it is for sure that you want your home to appear outstanding from its surroundings. The garage door plays an important role in making this possible. We offer the garage door services how you want them.

When you reach us and explain your requirement, our executives exactly convey them to the team. It lets us deliver tailored solutions aligning with your expectations.

There are several garage door companies in Huntersville. However, we are unique because of the services and experience we offer to our customers. Communicate with us with ease by making a call- 704-949-2416.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door installation

It is our prominent garage door service where we deliver everything from a discussion to installation. While offering garage door installation, we care to implement all design elements you suggest. We also provide material-related guidance to ensure that garage door works have a long life span without damages. After the discussion about material, design, and additional needs, we go for designing. We only manufacture the garage door after you approve of the design. After the design approval, we create the garage door as per the specifications. Then, we bring the garage door to your place and install it. Our garage door technicians will make sure that installation is done how you expect it.

garage door opener repair services

Garage door opener repair

The garage door opener is responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door appropriately. When the garage door opener doesn’t function properly, using the garage door is risky as it could break and fall. There is also a possibility that it will get stuck in the middle. Therefore, you must not use garage door while garage door opener requires repair. Out of all garage door repair services, this one is the most expensive. However, we provide a fair price for the service that you won’t get anywhere else. Our technicians know the garage door opener assembly thoroughly. Thus, it is suggested to call our technicians at the time of need.

garage door opener installation service

Garage door opener installation

There are two cases when you require garage door opener installation. When you get a new garage door, it is necessary to assemble a garage door opener. Besides that, if your garage door opener requires replacement, that time, you need to install a new garage door opener. We have worked with all types of garage door openers. Our experience will clear all your doubts. If it’s the first time you are installing a garage door opener, we would suggest the best one, depending upon your garage door. However, if you want a replacement same as the previous one, we remove the existing assembly and do the replacement.

garage door spring replacement services

Garage door springs replacement

Garage door springs are responsible for pushing and pulling the garage door and cause its movement. When they are to complete their service span, the movement becomes noisy due to the spring. Also, you will see the rust development in the spring with time. There are garage door springs that are rust-resistant. However, with time you need to change the spring for sure. We will check your springs, dismantle the assembly, remove them, and put the new ones at your place. We will check the garage door movement after the replacement, and if it is how we expected, the job is complete. If not, we recheck the assembly and make amends to ensure that every part is aligned perfectly.

garage door panel replacement services

Garage door panels replacement

Garage door panels replacement can be an expensive deal if you do not choose the right dealer for panels. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the panel design matches the existing one. When we do the replacement, we check the existing garage door and its design. According to the current design, we design the new ones. After we do the garage door panels replacement, it will not appear different from other panels.

garage door cable replacement services

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cables are responsible for bearing the garage door weight. When these cables become weak, there are chances that the garage door might fall. Certainly, we would not wish that to happen. Huntersville Garage Doors provides an emergency service if the cables appear to break. Our technicians will visit your place right away and replace the garage door cables. In most cases, it is unlikely that repairing garage door cables is possible. That’s because once the cable gets damaged, it will show problems even after repair.

garage door roller replacement services

Garage door rollers replacement

Garage door rollers facilitate the smooth movement of your garage doors.

Our Huntersville Garage Doors company offers the best quality garage door services. We not only executive the replacement job. When you reach us, we also provide adequate consultation to make the right decision. We understand your needs, according to which we provide garage door rollers. When your current garage door rollers become noisy and the garage door takes more time for lifting, it suggests roller replacement.

garage door track replacement services

Garage door track replacement

Our technicians try to make the service affordable. That’s why before we move to a replacement, we would try to repair the track. For outer defects, we check the track with dismantling the assembly. If defects are found, we remove that section and replace it. However, when there are internal defects, we might need to remove the entire assembly. After that, we find the defects and repair the track. When repair is not possible, we move to garage door track replacement service.

Know About Huntersville Garage Doors

Our company is built with the hard work of technicians and their determination towards the employees. The company emerged in the year 2010 when our founders found that Huntersville residents were not get quality garage door services at the right price. As there were only a few garage door companies in 2010, the competition was low. Taking advantage, garage door companies used to provide garage door services at a high price. We changed the scenario by introducing affordable solutions and flexible service options. As we are always there to aid residents, we have an everlasting reputation.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Huntersville

Our garage door services are affordable as we care more about our customers than any other aspect.
Our every technician is licensed and has gone through extensive training to provide the best quality service to our customers.
Whatever garage requirement you have, we have got a solution to it as we provide all types of repair, maintenance, and replacement services for garage doors
We are one of the most reputed garage door companies that customers recommend across the Huntersville
We provide suggestions to our customers for no additional costs and make sure the garage door solutions work for long-term
The company’s technicians are COVID-19 compliant as they always follow the general guidelines and keep themselves tested regularly.


Stacy M.
We had no idea what kind of garage door we should get for our home. We not only wanted garage door service but consultation also. We reached out to a few garage door companies, but they charge a high price even for consultation. Huntersville Garage Doors company offers the entire service for a low price. We did not have to think much, and their consultation helped us to make the right decision.
Jorden B.
There are several garage door companies in Huntersville, but very few in my area. That’s why there is not much choice. The companies in my area have limited design options. Though Huntersville Garage Doors is not located in my area, they still provide the service without additional travel charges. They have several design options. Actually, they provided me customized garage door. It is exactly how I wished for. I recommend their service.
Sandy A.
I was looking for a replacement for my garage door panels. But I was facing trouble in finding the exact one. If I compromise, then it would lose its value. Thankfully Huntersville Garage Doors had the exact panel how I wanted. I am happy with the service. It was fast, on time, and there was not even much disturbance.

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